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About the K

Welcome to Lady K! Why the “K” you ask?  It seemed to Sarah that many swimwear styles end with “kini” ...think bikini...burkini...and because Lady K is unique and not your usual “kini”,  Sarah decided to use the letter “K” as a stand-alone name.

Lady K is an online designer swimwear boutique with a simple aim: for you to be able to wear modest swimwear but still feel on-trend and fashionable.  We bring innovative fabrics and unique designs to all of our swimwear without compromising coverage or practicality.

Inspired by everything beautiful, Lady K offers swimwear manufactured with such attention to detail you could almost wear the pieces on a night out. Only 10 pieces of each size are produced, and once the design is gone it isn't coming back!

All of our swim tops and legging fabrics are quick-drying, opaque and UV certified. Tops have built-in support, eliminating the need for that "extra layer" underneath your swimsuit. All of Lady K's swimwear is carefully crafted with fabrics sourced from Italian and Brazilian manufacturers. We deliver anywhere in the world, and UK delivery is free!

About the Lady

Growing up in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Lady K's founder and designer, Sarah Sourour, formed an eternal attachment to the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the sea. Wearing the Hijab from a young age presented Sarah with the challenge of finding a swimsuit that provided the appropriate coverage and made her feel beautiful. Throughout her teenage years, Sarah designed and put together her swimwear as there was (and still is) a lack of exciting colours and designs offered in the modest swimwear market.

Sarah has since graduated with a degree in Fashion Atelier from the University for the Creative Arts in England. While studying at the renowned Istituto Di Moda Burgo in Milan, Italy, she decided to combine her dressmaking and pattern cutting skills with her teenage experience of making her swimwear. And so the Lady K brand was born, bringing premium quality, modesty and fashionability to the international swimwear market.